Child Labour During the Industrial Revolution

18th to 19th centuries

Lewis Hine - Spinners and doffers in Lancaster Cotton Mills. Dozens of them in this mill, 1908

Mental Floss: Stories Behind 20 Vintage Child Labour Pictures

What kind of jobs did children do?  List at least 5.

What was their working environment like?  Describe in detail.

How many hours did they work?  How much did they get paid?

Spartaus Education: British History Child Labour

Do you think working from a young age have positive or negative effects on the children?

What did children have to give up to work in a factory?

How has our perspectives on children changed?

What are some justifications for child labour?

What are the laws that protect children from child labour today?  Why should we have these laws?

International Labour Organization: Modern Child Labour Short Film

Compare your own childhood to the childhood of those who have to work long hours.

Do you think child labour is still a problem today?  Do a little research.


Lisa Kristine: Photographs of Modern Slavery


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