Sin City, Sinful In More Ways Than One – Part 1 (by Mike)

Just got back from my trip from Las Vegas yesterday and, while my memory is still fresh, I thought I would write a little something about the city.


First off, I need to be honest and admit that, prior to going to Vegas, my only knowledge about the city was that it was a place where a lot of gambling happens, and that the city was built on a desert…

110809 Las Vegas McCarran Airport

I didn’t take the picture above myself, but this is pretty much what I saw out of the window of the plane before we were about to land.

Not too bad, I thought. At least they have planted quite some trees.

And I seriously regretted this thought as soon as I had stepped out of the airport terminal. This was also the first time I missed Vancouver for its cold, fresh air during fall and winter.

Welcome to Vegas, where it’s so hot that every gulp of air you breath in is heated. Oh yea, and your eyes will only slightly hurt from the sizzling air (yes, sarcasm intended with “slightly”).


But hey, I didn’t come all the way down South just to whine. Might as well make the most out of the trip, I thought.

And so began my trip. On our first night there, my mom and I went to the North Premium Outlet just 10 minutes away from Westgate, where we would be staying over the next 4 days. Got myself a pair of shoes, and mom got herself a thin cloak from Burberry.


Now, I understand that things could be ridiculously cheap at outlets, but it still puzzles me that people would come up with the idea of selling cloaks, jackets or the likes in a desert. What puzzles me more was the fact there were always people coming in and out of the store. The second time we went there a few days after, the store was even considered crowded. I guess there must be something in the “desert + Burberry” equation that I am failing to see.

With shopping comes hunger. We went in the only food court in the entire Outlet and, not knowing exactly what I was thinking, I decided to go to Kung Pao Wok, the only Chinese restaurant in the food court.


 (Caution: viewer might not be able to see Chinese food the same way after viewing this music video. Viewer discretion is advised)

The heat must have got to me, I kid you not. I seriously thought the food was great (Note: Back in Vancouver, the type of food served at the restaurant is the very type of Chinese food I wouldn’t even give a second thought about. Probably not even a first thought, I believe). But really, when you are in a town where there isn’t even a single Japanese restaurant out on the street boasting that they carry California rolls and bento boxes, you automatically know that you are either going to have to stick with all the Western junk food, or you just gotta make do with sh*t quality Chinese food.

The first day ended quite uneventfully. We greeted Jason, Rita, and Jerry (Note: 南源叔叔, 雅萍阿姨, 還有他們的翻譯Jerry先生) the same night when they had arrived, and then we went back to our room to sleep.


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