Sin City, Sinful In More Ways Than One – Part 3 (by Mike)

We went down to the lobby for breakfast around 9 and, thinking that we would be going back to the expo that we went to the day before, I dressed as formally as I possibly could have.

I was wrong, though. We never went out. In fact, we sat at the restaurant for a good three hours, chatting the entire time. To be clear, it was really just mom and Rita chatting, with my occasionally answering their questions whenever asked.

6CAF8B92C6B922D1C95C9DE3D05A0A58I kept checking my watch as every second ticked by.

Time seems to really fly when you are not doing anything productive. What originally started as an early breakfast slowly turned into a brunch and, as my watch hit 12, into lunch. I felt slightly embarrassed having sat there for so long, and was actually about to order something for lunch when I saw this gentleman chopping down on his steak and rice just right beside us.

We didn’t end up having our lunch there, though.

In fact, we didn’t have lunch that day. Instead of ordering some more food there, we got up and headed for the North Premium Outlet, where mom and I previously did our shopping for the very first time in the city on our first night there.


As it turned out, love is not the only thing that’s blind in this world. Shopping, as I learned from our shopping experience that day, might just be as optically challenged. I am going to start sharing our shopping experience by making it clear that the three of us ( it was, again, really just mom and Rita) ended up with 6 paper bags of merchandises.

At home, I had had many chances of seeing the consequences of consumerism, but it wasn’t until that day that I really saw it happen with my very own eyes.


As I watched the paper bags we were holding grow in number, I was starting to wonder how many pieces of the clothing bought will actually be worn, and how many of them will be unceremoniously disposed of without being worn even once (Note: I personally had to donate two huge bags of clothing back in September, and under piles and piles of clothing I actually found quite a few pairs of jeans and pants that I had never once worn. So seeing all the things bought that day just really brought back this particular memory).

While we were at it, this one particular conversation between mom and Rita kind of sent chills up my spine. It went something like this:

Mom: So I got this jacket from Burberry awhile back, but I haven’t even put it on once and the season is already about to change!

Rita: Same here! I have this piece of clothing at home that I have never put on either.

Let’s just cross our fingers and hope that mom’s jacket and Rita’s clothing, along with the 6 bags of products bough that day, will all be cherished and eventually be used as they were designed to.

(To Be Continued)


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