Savant Syndrome

Neatorama: 10 Most Fascinating Savants in the World


Dave Hiles: Savant Syndrome

What is Savant Syndrome

Savant Syndrome is a rare condition where people with various developmental disorders, including autism, have remarkable talents or abilities that seem to contrast their overall limitations and functioning.  Individuals with Savant syndrome typically show special talents for music, mechanics, math, and/or art. These talents are always linked with phenomenal memory skills.

Part 1.

Q1. Reflecting upon your life up until now, have you personally run into or known anyone who you think might be a savant? What was your thought of him/ her? How has your thought of that person changed now that you have some understanding of savant syndrome?

Q2. Although people with savant syndrome may experience difficulties in various aspects of their lives, they usually demonstrate amazing skills in certain areas. Therefore, in our society, these individuals are thought of as being very talented. However, as you may recall from the reading by Hiles, Savant Syndrome is very similar to autism. Autism, unlike savant syndrome, usually has a negative social stigma associated with it…

    1. Why do you think it is that we have these two divided views?
    2. What is your opinion on this?

Q3. Please refer to the list of savant skills at the end of the reading by Hiles. Hypothetically, in exchange for your abilities in other areas of life, which of the six abilities do you think you would like to have? Why?

Part 2.

1. What are the five vocabulary words that you would like to learn from the reading and/ or the videos? Please write them down on your vocabulary cards, along with their definitions, and your own original sentences using those words. Feel free to do more than five if you want to!


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