Desert Animals

Life Cycles: Desert by Sean Callery.  Kingfisher 2012.

Describe what you think a desert looks like: the climate and the land (What colour is it?).  Draw a picture of a desert with as many desert organisms in it as you know.

Which continents have deserts?  Which ones don’t?  Why do you think that is?

Science for Kids: Desert Biomes

World Wildlife Fund: Desert Habitats

Deserts are the world’s dry places and cover at least 1/5th of the Earth’s surface. Because there is so little water, deserts are bare landscapes with few plants or animals.

Think about the things plants need to survive.  Why are there very few plants in the desert?

What are some of the plants that live in the desert?  What is special about these plants that lets them live there?

Kids do Ecology: World Biomes: Deserts

If you need to live in the desert for a week starting tomorrow, what kinds of gear would you need to buy?  What would you need to bring with you?  Explain why you would need them.

Pick a desert animal, and describe what kinds of special adaptations (‘gear’) it has to survive in the desert.



How is the long tail of a Cactus Mouse useful?

Why does a termite colony need soldier termites?

Why does Perentie have sharp claws and a powerful tail?

How does a shovel-nosed snake protect itself from its predators?

Besides poisoning the enemy, how else can a scorpion use it’s stinger at the end of its tail?


How do male Red-capped robins get the bright red colour on their feathers?  What colour are the females?

What are the two different types of teeth that a jackal has?  Why does it need different types of teeth?

Why do you think millipedes have so many legs!?

How do bobcat kittens learn to hunt ?

Why do meerkats dig burrows?

article-0-186D4EDA000005DC-969_634x669 (1)

What is a tundra?  How is it similar to a desert?

World Biomes: Tundra Biomes


How is an open ocean like a desert?  How are they different?

World Wide Fund for Nature: Ocean Ecology: Sunlit Surface Waters


Would you like to visit a desert one day?  Which desert animal or plant would you like to see?

Should we be protecting desert animals?  Why?



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