Halloween Scare


On a scary, windy Halloween night, a girl went out for trick-or-treating on her own.  There was a house that was really spooky with ghosts camping in the yard.  The girl thought they were just some people dressed up to make things very spooky, so she went tick-or-treating at the house.


One thought on “Halloween Scare

  1. By Claire
    November 14, 2015

    But it was not a scary house. It was a real ghost house with vampires, witches, monsters, zomlens, and a bad wizard that transformed all of them. Okay. Let me start from the beginning. The wizard turned all of the other people who went trick-or-treating into bad things, and the girl was the only survivor. All of the other people look horrible. Zomlens are half of every bad creature. You would not like to see them.


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