Myth of Normal


Before you watch the video, write down your definition of a normal person, a normal life, or a normal appearance.

Disease is contextual and cultural.  Disease is not an isolated phenomenon of an individual.  It’s a culturally manufactured, a culturally constructed paradigm.


A society that ignores our emotional needs is a society that generates pathology.


The very nature of the economic system says that what matters is not who you are, but how you are valued by others.

Do you agree with this statement?  Does our society focus on how you are valued by others more than who you are?  Give some examples to support your opinion.


Our materialistic society values not who people are, but what they produce or what they consume.  And people who neither produce or consume are shunted aside and devalued.

Give some examples of people in the society who produce or consumes very little.  Do you think they are devalued by our society?

Do you think we need these people in our society?  Why?


The very nature of this materialistic society dictates, or generates and promotes that separation from ourselves.




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