Out of Sight

At what point did you realize that the little girl doesn’t see the world the way we can?

How is the world of the little girl different from yours?  Did she encounter any problems during her adventure?  How did she solve these problems?



Which other senses did she rely on to navigate through her world?  Give some actual examples from the animation.

Do you think the animators successfully help us get a feeling of what it’s like to be blind?


How many senses does humans have?  How does each help us with our lives?

Bees and hummingbirds can see ultraviolet light.  So how are their worlds different from ours?  Which one is the ‘real’ world?  What does the ‘real’ world look like?



Ultraviolet Photography.  Click the image to see what animals see.

Find out what extra senses snakes and sharks have that humans don’t.  And how can dolphins and bats ‘see’ the world in complete darkness?




Think about the word ‘disabled’ for a minute.  What does it mean when you are ‘disabled’?  Could you be disabled because of your height? your intelligence?  What about not having double eyelids? six fingers?

You are disabled when you are different from average (normal people).

You are disabled when your condition interferes with your life.

Which one of these do you agree with?


Does not being able to see ultraviolet light or use echolocation make humans disabled in some way?  Do we need these senses to get on with our lives?

What senses do we use instead to make up for our inability to see in the dark with echolocation?  What senses do deaf people rely on instead of hearing?

Challenge: Keep your eyes closed during the entire time you are showering today.  No peeking!


Writing:  If you could gain an extra sense (one that exists in reality), or enhance one of your current senses, which one would it be?  [Write a 4-5 paragraph short essay, with at least 2 arguments (2 body paragraphs) to explain your choice.]

Compared to these planarians, which can only sense light and dark, we all have super senses.

People who are different from us are not ‘disabled’.  Instead, they are simply different.  They use different senses and have different ways of experiencing life.  Their world may be different.  They experience the world differently than us, but that does not mean they can’t live their lives to the fullest, just like the rest of us.  In fact, since every person is different, everyone can be said to be ‘disabled’ in some way.

Do you think the little girls’ life may be as beautiful and as exciting as yours?  Or perhaps even more so?



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