Short Creative Writing Topics

Write in journal, free writing, short paragraph, or essay format.

Can be hand written or typed up :]


Introduce a person to your readers.

A family member, a friend, yourself.  Or a fictional character from a movie or book or anime.  Describe the person in as much detail as you can so we can feel like we know the person too.

Write about your fond childhood memories.

Where you were born and where did you grow up.  Who did you grow up with?  Games, TV shows or places you liked to go growing up.

If you could give Humans an ability, what would it be?  How would it make our lives more convenient?  But what problems would it generate?

Think about some senses or abilities that animals have but we don’t.


What do you want paradise to be like?

Describe the place in detail.  And also what people would do there?

Where is your paradise?  Who goes there?

If you could change a piece of history, what would you change?  Why?  And explain how today would be different because of your choice.

Change the weather, change someone’s decision, change someone’s luck.


Describe what you did today from the time you woke up to when you left your house.

Include extremely small details like opening your eyes, turning your head.  Describe the movements so someone else will be able to follow your writing and do exactly the same thing again.  Also include what you feel about the things you did.


Describe your dream room.

Explain the arrangement of the furniture.  Imagine you’re writing to an interior designer who will actually set up this room for you.  Describe each item and space and colour so that the designer can make the room look exactly the way you want.

More to come!  Or give me some suggestions for topics!


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