Thinking & Writing Ideas

Tips: Define the question first.  Define the important terms and then discuss your views with support.  Use lots of examples.

What is the difference between necessity and desire?

Why are you afraid of death?

How do you know if a person is a ‘normal’ person?  How do you differentiate between a ‘normal’ person from an ‘abnormal’ person?  Does being in the majority make a person ‘normal’?

What are some of the things humans are doing to restore our environment?  Give examples at the personal up to national or international level.

Can money buy abstract things?  Are there physical things that money can’t buy?

Are humans born virtuous?  Why do you believe so?

Why do we pay taxes?

Are there problems in the world that technology can’t solve?  Which ones can technology solve?

If doctor-recommended diet, lifestyle (such as exercise, sleep habits) is going to help us live a long, healthy life, why aren’t we all living like that?

School uniforms.  Do they encourage bullying and class separation?  Does wearing uniforms solve this problem?

Why do we send out astronauts to explore the universe?

Find out the different ways that our Universe could end according to current theories.

Why do we ban drugs but not cigarette?  Or junk food?  How much control should the government have on our personal choices?

Is ‘majority rule’ always right?  When should ‘majority rule’ not be applied?

Does good and evil exist before humans appeared?

Give every human one superpower.  What benefits would it bring?  What problems would it create?

Should French fries and pizza sauce count as vegetables?  Why do we classify these foods?

Did Facebook help us become more connected?

How do we determine how long a person should stay in jail for stealing something?  A watch?  A document?  A pet dog?  A diamond?

Should children with disabilities be put in a separate class?  Can we still teach children about accepting differences while keeping the class efficient?

Why do people seek immortality?  Do you?  Why?

Why is there war?  Are there any benefits to war?

Should we spend resources to protect languages or cultures from disappearing?  Why don’t we just use one language in the entire world?

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