Interesting Video & Article Sites

MinuteEarth  MinuteEarth – YouTube  (my favourite!)

TED-Ed education animation Lessons Worth Sharing – TED-Ed
(TED-Ed youtube channel TED-Ed – YouTube)
TED talks TED- Ideas worth spreading

AsapSCIENCE – YouTube (animated drawings)
Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell – YouTube
Deep Look – YouTube (lots of aminals!)
Piled Higher and Deeper (PHD Comics) – YouTube

SciShow – YouTube
SciShow Kids – YouTube
SciShow Space – YouTubeCrashCourse – YouTube
Crash Course Kids – YouTube
Thought Café – YouTube

It’s Okay To Be Smart (PBS Studio)- YouTube
Tech Insider (science and technology)
SmarterEveryDay (host science experiments)

BBC Earth – YouTubeBBC Earth Unplugged – YouTube

Peekaboo Kids – YouTube (for kids)
This Place – YouTube (good topic, content, flow)
Decoded – YouTube (about social issues)
Animalogic – YouTube
thebrainscoop with Emily Graslie  (animals!)
AnimalWonders Montana – YouTube  (animals!)
zefrank1 – YouTube  (animals!)
Skunk Bear- Science From NPR – YouTube (host with animation)

The Infographics Show – YouTube  (sort of like buzz)
Monster Bug Wars – Official Channel – YouTube
In59seconds – YouTube
CGP Grey – YouTube
Philosophy Tube – YouTube


Humans Of New York
The New York Times
The Huffington Post
The Guardian
Ted Ideas
Time Magazine
The Globe and Mail
The Atlantic
The Washington Post
The New Scientist
The Dodo
National Geographic
DOGO Science
Environmental Science Journals for Kids
Popular Science
Quick Reads by Kids Discover

Fun Stuff!

Bored Panda
Mental Floss


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